Critical Rationale: The Language of Culture - Authorship & Influence
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How This Book Will Benifit You.

Methodic memory offers a richer contextual examination of certain sensory data processing. From initial engagements to long-term memory to performance outcomes. This allows us to identify patterns associated with sensory data. It also helps us understand our responses to certain stimuli. And how to optimize our performance. This leads to improved memory retention and better results.

Integrity based Leadership & The Morality Curve

Understand how Methodic Memory expression is exemplified in moral leadership. And implement it.

Learn how stimuli (sensory-data) can benifit you.

It extends to social interactions. They are based on learning or past experiences with individuals and groups.

Discover how culture schemas influence

For instance, modern researchers discovered La Tène (Celtic) culture. This was due to vast deposits of material items.

Master and enhance your engagements and performance

Implicit skills need practice to master and apply widely. They rely on environment and teaching for learning.

Challenge social constructs and schemas

Understanding complex schemas can promote self-development. It challenges stereotypes.

Become more self-determined & authentic

The highest human behavior is to assess, confirm, and store information. In a provisional or self-determined way (factor).

About The Author

Muhammad Hasan (Abdūllah) Rahmatullah (born William Lamont Robinson, 28 May 1972/Rabi Al Thany 1392 AH), Is a writer (literary, music & code) and makes wall-art as RUHA.

He gained his practical knowledge from first-hand experience in Los Angeles and thru-out the United States from 1994 to 2017. Matching this with academic studies by returning to University in 2014, to obtain a BA in Global Studies (Sept. 2016). From 2017 - 2020, he traveled to South East Asia and received more practical knowledge, on-the-ground for doing business globally. This included proposals for MDEC - Malaysia Digital Economy Company for digital marketing and platforms. In 2019, he was accepted to research stimuli, memory, and performance at UTM-University Technology Malaysia (Skudia). Cut-short by the C-19 Crisis of 2020. The address where he stayed while studying in Malaysia was 21 Fortune Hills. This launched his initial idea for a boutique design agency, and his 21 Fortune Hills collection, apart of Athar. He was employed at Apple Inc. on 3 separate occasions, including its retail division during the C-19 crisis. He was also employed as an Analyst for NTERONE, A technology-based education company from Reston, Virginia, which was purchased by an Asian conglomeration.